Please Kanye, No More Albums in ’16!!


Last month Kanye gave us his latest album entitled “The Life of Pablo”. The production of the album was simply beautiful. In my opinion,  I firmly believe that Kanye could not have done a better job on the production giving us hints of the “old Kanye”. The only thing I had a problem with was the content of this album. At some points during this album, I felt he was honestly talking about nothing. Honestly, do we care about bleach getting on your t-shirt.  I can go on about the content but that isn’t the message I’m trying to convey in this article. A few days after the release of “The Life of Pablo”, Yeezy announced that he’ll release another album in the summer called “TURBO GRAFX 16″. Now he’s saying that there are two more projects coming  this year. I kid you not when I read those tweets I shook my head. I even recall getting a text from a good friend about this matter and specifically telling him, ” I don’t want it.” At face value this might seem great but lets dig a little deeper. First, the title sounds like a punk rock album. Yes, Yeezy told us he wasn’t a rapper but I feel that this cross genre thing isn’t going to work. Let’s not forget what happen with Kid Cudi’s attempt, ” Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven”. Second, if the time line for this project is summer it’s going to be rushed. Now that there is a third album in the picture, I feel we are not going to get the best Kanye we could possibly get. With that being said, I honestly don’t want new Kanye albums, I can’t see them being better than average at best. As a long time, fan i’m screaming “Please Kanye, no more albums in ’16!!”


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