New Ben-Abs Entitled “Elevate”


It has been quiet out of the Ben-Abs camp lately. I think he took a page out of Fabolous’ playbook as he has been making more moves and making less announcements. Well on Friday (1/15/16), Ben-Abs announced new track entitled “Elevate”, which was accompanied with visuals as well. This song serves as a blue print for how Ben-Abs, and other believers, elevate out of their struggles. The blueprint is that whatever trials and tribulations you may face, it is imperative to put it in God’s hands. As much as we think we can do it by ourself, we simply cannot. The track was produced and mixed by Ky the Don, who hails from the City of Brotherly Love. After witnessing the chemistry these two have, I hope this duo continues to make music together. It was like they were feeding off of each other to create a masterpiece.
Posted below are links to the visuals for “Elevate” and behind the scenes footage for the making of “Elevate”.

Elevate Music Videos

Behind the Scenes Footage for Elevate







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