Day One


It’s crazy that people you see everyday have talents that you would never expect. Ben-Abs just happens to be that guy to me. Whenever he would tell me that he could rap I would just brush it off, like “O.K. If you say so.” It really hit me a couple of weeks ago when we had a meeting with all the people he wanted around him as he his career started. What really threw me for a loop is when his manager told me he was one of the people who played a part in one of DC’s most prominent rappers. Now Ben-Abs isn’t your prototypical rapper. He doesn’t flaunt expensive jewelry; make it know that he always has a foreign joint by his side. The difference with Abs is that he isn’t selling dreams but keeping it real. Last night was my first time in the studio as apart of the Ben-Abs team and I can say I’m thoroughly impressed. The flow is there, he definitely has bars and conceptually he is one of a kind. As the session was winding down, DJ Flexx pops in. He rallied his troops similar to Gerard Butler in 300. The whole vibe was elevated to another level. Man, we are really ready for what’s up next. Just as a fan of rap its dope knowing that you are witnessing an artist start his journey in the game. Now it’s time to see where this journey is going to take him.


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