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Masterpiece x New Era ‘Leopard’ 9Fifty Snapback Cap

Masterpiece x New Era ‘Leopard’ 9Fifty Snapback Cap.


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Sprayground’s Holidaze Collection


Sprayground launches their Holidaze Collection featuring both rogue Deluxe backpacks and Weekender duffel bags. Three new backpack styles are also included from the New York brand this holiday season which are the Wild, the Have a Nice Day, and the High Life respectively.

“Three new Weekender duffel bags complement each of the newly released Deluxe backpacks. The Weekender is designed for those short stays and comes with a separate shoe compartment to keep your clothes clean.

Each backpack offers maximum functionality with features like a velour laptop sleeve, tablet sleeve, sunglass compartment, and a hidden stash pocket. Built-in cushioned AirMesh padding gives each user ergonomic carrying support.

Sprayground enlisted the likes of hip-hop artist Mod Sun for the Holidaze campaign – the perfect figurehead for the new collection. The limited quantity releases along with the undeniably eye-catching designs have given Sprayground bags a cult following among celebrities and street fashion aficionados alike.”


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Reebok Releasing Allen Iverson’s Questions “Black/Gold”, Just In Time For New Year’s Eve Holiday [With Pictures]

Reebok Releasing Allen Iverson’s Questions “Black/Gold”, Just In Time For New Year’s Eve Holiday [With Pictures].

A good match with the Logo Tee

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“Sleeping on the Couch” By @SneadsByRee

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Merry Xmas from ReBel Season

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12/24/12 · 11:06 pm

The End of the World-BRED Edition

Today is supposed to be the end of the world…But fortunately I’m writing this post. But I can say it may have been the end of the world for a sneaker head.  Today the BRED 11’s came out and I’m sure people were in line going crazy. Standing in line since yesterday, to get a pair of 11’s wouldn’t have been far fetched for me since I stood in line to get the Concords. After that experience and getting a pair last year, I said it’s time to call it quits for the shoe line. Since I had to be at work today I tried the online approach and that was probably worst then standing in line, since everybody has the same opportunity to get them. I know I wasn’t the only one to think of this idea because as soon as 8:00 am pop’s up all the shoe sites crashed. In desperation you continue to go back and forth through multiple sites and you get nothing. Then you’re able to pick out a size only to see:

Unfortunately, this product is currently not available because others added it to their shopping cart first. But do not give up just yet. If they do not check out within the next few minutes, it may become available for you. Please try again shortly

After looking depressed at your desk you decide to look on sites like sneaker father and sneaker authority only to see that if they have a pair they’re starting out at $400. Now your seriously considering paying that much, but they don’t have your size. So after that it’s physically impossible to get your hand on a pair at retail value, dooms day has officially started. You start to feel your world has come to an end. But look at it this way there are some positives to you not getting your shoes. It just wasn’t meant for you to get them this time, but they’ll come back out next year, in a different color, so you can get a head start by finding you a worthy shoe connect. You also just saved at least $185 for the 5’s next month. Plus if the world ends today you couldn’t take them with you.


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Congrats to President Obama


Congrats to President Obama for 4 more years.

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11/06/12 · 5:42 pm