Wiz Drops 28 Grams

28 grams

After a little fiasco with the law Wiz dropped his new tape “28 grams”. Wiz was arrested bin El Paso after a TSA agent found his stash of weed.This tape is a prelude to his new album “Blacc Hollywood” which is set to drop later on this summer. I personally liked this tape because I feel that Wiz is trying to reinvent himself as a trap rapper to break away from the stigma that he is a mainstream rapper and the cover art is simple but dope. All in all it was a dope tape. The production was dope even though it was a lot of remixes & samples and DJ Drama was a good DJ to preside over the tape. It can be said that it was your typical Wiz project laced with ganja references but if you take away anything just address him as Trap Wiz from here on out. Below is the link to the tape

28 Grams Link

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