Wiz Khalifa-Rebel


With an Album release looming I felt it was a perfect time to have Wiz featured as a rebel. Wiz is most definitely a trendsetter for our generation. His music has made him an icon worldwide and unique style has kept him in the loop. Wiz has a been spotted in various looks from the classic varsity letterman to mesh tank tops and an afro with a blonde patch in the middle.

Wiz has used his music platform to start a career in the film industry. Wiz has a movie with Snoop Dogg titled “Mac and Devin Go to High School”. The movie was a success and a sequel is rumored to be released in 2015. Last but not least, Wiz announced his “Under the Influence of Music” Tour this weekend which features Ty Dolla Sign, Tyga, Young Jeezy, and Dj Drama just to name a few. If this concert is anything like last year’s it will be worth every penny. Below are links to the tour dates and interview discussing new album and movie.

Under the Influence of Music Tour Dates

XXL interview with Wiz



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