Big Seans HOF Throwaway

Last night, Big Sean decided to stir up the internet by going on twitter and releasing one of his songs that didn’t make the album, “Control” featuring Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica. After hearing this 7 min phenom I had the Will Smith stare and said to myself this don’t sound like a throwaway, but due to sample clearance problems this song didn’t make the album but may show up as a bonus track. This song definitely raises the bar for rap.

Big Sean went in talking about how he’s taking over and how he’s pushing to be the best in the game.

Kendrick murdered the song, talking about how he’s in control of the rap game being mentioned with the greats and informing his fellow rappers that rap is a competition, that he takes serious. Even name dropping your favorite new MC’s including Big Sean and Jay Electronica.

Jay Electronica finishes the song off talking about how he’s the known unknown creeping up on the game.  Unfortunately this verse gets drowned out because of Kendrick’s verse.

HOF drops August 27th and will be an album work getting. If this song doesn’t inspire you to bring your A game I don’t know what will.


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