Sir Charles turns 50

This week has been a great week for basketball. First we had the All-Star game on the same day as the G.O.A.T’s Bday, MJ. But today is also a special day for another great who we consider a reBel, Sir Charles. Today Charles Barkley, the reBel PF, turns 50 and I wanted to share my top 3 memories from Barkley.

1. Shut Up and Jam– Growing up one of my favorite video games was Barkley Shut Up and Jam. I always used Sir Charles and and Spike. Always wondered why they never put a court in Alabama tho.


2. He’s not my Role Model– His I’m not a Role model commercial may have rubbed people the wrong way but that was Charles being himself.  Something you have to appreciate.

3. Air CB34A must have to any shoe collection to make it legit is a pair of Barkley’s. Anything from Air Force 180 to a pair of Air CB34. These shoes are comfortable, sleek and timeless.


Barkley wasn’t the ideal player but he did it his way. Barkley was a undersized 6’4 PF that played like a giant and that gave his all on the court. He also changed basketball from a media stand point with his funny and controversial commentary, but necessary because he inspired athletes to speak there mind on how they feel. Still entertaining to this day, you can catch him on TNT on Thursday with his co hosts, EJ, Kenny and Shaq. A man of many alias’s Sir Charles, Round Mound of Rebound, Chuck , CB etc. but still the same funny and in your face. Happy Bday Charles!!!


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