Who is Banksy?

Who is the man behind this masterpiece? Who is the rebel?

Banksy is a world renowned graffiti artist, painter, political activist, and film director from the UK. Some describe Banksy’s graffiti art as the unheard voice of the urban community while others view it as vandalism. Despite these differing opinions, Banksy continues to produce unique pieces that cause every viewer to think. He is a rebel committed to his craft. So committed that he will not even expose his true identity because he believes the artwork should be the focus.

Consider the piece of artwork above. What does it mean? How do you feel when you view the piece?

I encourage you to explore more of Banksy’s work. Maybe you will be able to find the true identity of the man behind the graffiti.

Be committed to your craft. Be a rebel.


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09/05/12 · 1:24 pm

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