To Rebel is to Exist

“I rebel; therefore I exist.”

Novel Prize Winner Albert Camus expressed this idea during a time when he fought for his beliefs.

The emotions felt when one follows their heart and fights for their dreams is indescribable. Live for what you love and rebel against a mundane, adventureless life.

After reading this quote, I can not help but think about the upcoming presidential election. Republicans are doing everything from creating voter ID laws to threatening the absence of Obama’s name on the ballot to silence the Democratic vote. In most cases Democratic=Minority and the words implicit racism come to mind. We must be rebels! Secure your voting rights and make sure that you have all of the proper registration materials. In this situation, the rebels are those who rise up against and overcome these new laws so that OUR voices can be heard. Dare to live. Dare to be a rebel.

What will you live for? What will be the purpose of your existence?


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