A young humble Rebel Big K.R.I.T released his 4evaNaDay today.  It is the follow up to his R4 (Return of 4eva) mixtape.  His music is for the dreamers that has a dope retro southern feel to it. I like to consider it story telling music. This is going to be a big year for K.R.I.T who also plans to drop an LP later this year.

“Instead, he digs into his deepest layers to address the pieces of the world most relevant to him. The production is rich and warm as always, but it’s the character of the content where K.R.I.T. continues to refine his approach. “The Alarm” plays like a “Man In The Mirror” moment meant to keep K.R.I.T. – and us as individuals – focused as life presents its challenges to our character. “The Package Store” covers the paradox played out on the tape’s artwork with a corner hustler playing the narrator who keeps a watchful eye over a preacher and exposing how similar they are. None of the tracks feel heavyhanded, and K.R.I.T. manages to make it out of his self-imposed seclusion to create rider-friendly moments like “1986″ and “Me And My Old School.”

Check out the link for the mixtape.



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