ReBel with a Cause

Since its still a day left in Black History month we at ReBel Season wanted to give you on a person we consider a reBel. Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000) was an American painter that considered his style a dynamic cubism. His work gave light to black life based from his experiences and views growing up in Harlem. He painted in dark blacks and browns, with contrasting vivid colors that referenced Egyptian stillness.  Lawrence used sombre browns and black for shadows and outlines in an otherwise vibrant palette lent his work a distinctive overtone. 

Some of his best-known works are his series on historical or social themes, including And the Migrants Kept Coming (1940), Life in Harlem (1942), and War (1947). Some of his later works include a powerful series on the struggles of desegregation.

When Lawrence died on June 9, 2000, the New York Times called him “One of America’s leading modern figurative painters” and “among the most impassioned visual chroniclers of the African-American experience. We considered him a reBel because his prospective to inspire and bring his visions to life in his artwork.


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